Our Approach

Our Approach

I'm a builder at heart- and I'm currently building this website! Stay tuned for lots of pretty pictures and great info.  Have a look around, but don't look under the bed 😉 Check out our instagram and facebook pages for all the current action @PetalAndRake and until I get all the links working here - order directly through facebook

Our Story

Our Story

Are roots have just started to spread...

Meet the Team

We've been hard at work, getting our hands dirty, growing crazy beautiful bloom for you to enjoy!


Serina Wells

Founder & CEO

A certified Tennessee Master Gardener, Serina was raised in the nursery and building trade industries.  Growing up, literally having a playpen in a house full of red geraniums, at her grandparents wholesale and retail nursery in Franklin, TN, made the launch of a flower growing business an easy one.  The growing part at least.



Director of Marketing and Sales

As a future women entrepreneur in the making, Harper is constantly scheming promo ideas and heading up gate sales at the farm on Saturdays.



Irrigation Specialist

What are you gonna do with a kid who loves to water - put her to work!

When you visit the farm, you'll find her out in the fields with a hose or tending to our tiny team in the rodent control department

Next Steps...

Grab some beautiful blooms grown by these beautiful girls.