Thoughtfully arranged in a glass vase in a myriad of color and cultivar combinations.

The best way to enjoy fresh flowers is to bring 'em in and set 'em on the table!


Mixed Market Bunch

Like arranging your own beautiful bouquet?

Mixed Market Bunches gives you a selection of different blooms and foliage to let you have ALL the fun.


Business & Boutique Weeklies

Too busy running your business to run out and grab flowers? Your clients will appreciate the special touch and the "she's got it together!" look that fresh flowers bring to the table.

Florist quality, artful arrangements delivered weekly to your business.


Flowers aren't just for Special Occasions

We all know flowers are beautiful and bring joy.  But we forget sometimes in this busy world we live in to stop and enjoy what nature provides for us!  We get stuck inside, way too much, behind a desk and computer.  Bringing in a little bit of a living thing, is a reminder that life is short.  Blooms are fleeting.  You have to appreciate them for what they are and how they are in the moment. Sure, blooms can be perfect and when they are they are AMAZING.  But if you expect perfection in life, you'll be disappointed, Every Time! But we all have flaws, and that makes us who we are.  Enjoying an arrangement of fresh flowers at your desk, on your kitchen table, or on your vanity, affords us the moment to stop, breathe, and appreciate life.

Why buy Farm Fresh Flowers

Did you know that 90% of the flowers you see at the grocery store or in a florist's shop are imported?!  They also can be treated with chemicals for shipping.  Buying is all the rage for good reason.  By Shopping and Buying locally, you are supporting families and your community.  Every-time you choose a local shop or business, you make our community stronger and encourage others to start small businesses that have a chance to survive.  The flower bit is easy - They last longer, and you're supporting native pollinators and native people.

Dark Maroon, pink and white Dahlia bloom in the field

Visit our Nano Farm

Wanna see those native pollinators and native people in action?!  Come visit our Nano Flower Farm! It's small but mighty.  You'll see extensive perennial gardens in the shade of tall Oak and Hickory Trees.  Stroll down the cultivated isles of the Market Beds. Enjoy the sound of running water in the Formal Garden fountain.  Let the kids swing in the bird's nest swing at the playground while you cut flowers and foliage for your own perfect posie, or let them cut their own from the children's garden!  You might just run across some native wildlife too!

Next Steps...

Have a special day, big party or event where you need to impress, or just love the feeling that a little slice of nature's best is right there for the taking everyday right on your desk? What are you waiting for?